Allergy Friendly Homemade Products

Rene's Homemade Creations are made with ingredients that are free from the 8 major food allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. We currently have a variety of muffins available, and we are committed to expanding our product line to include other great, allergy friendly treats. All of our products are home produced.

"That looks so good, but I can't have it. I am allergic to ..."

If you can identify with this phrase, then maybe we can help. If you are looking for a product, flavor, ingredient, etc, that we do not currently have, please let us know. We are passionate about finding solutions to food allergy problems, and we would be happy to customize a product for you. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Share Your Experience!

"I just wanted to let you know how much my kids loved your chocolate donuts and how wonderful it was to find some treats that we could actually have on our recent visit to the new Hilliard library!

I knew that the library had a cafe, but told my kids that we may not be able to get anything from it since it's likely most or all baked goods offered would have wheat (or artificial food dyes).

We went to the new library for the first time on Friday and checked out the cafe too- we were so excited to find your allergy friendly baked goods there!

My kids each had a chocolate glazed donut and were so happy to be able to share in a normal experience (getting a donut at a cafe) and have a delicious treat. We can't wait to try more of your treats at future visits to the library :)

I've attached a picture of them enjoying their donuts. Thank you for making these treats available to the community!"